Oasis City is reliable name in the (Indoor/Outdoor) LED Display Providers in Gulf & MENA area since one decade. We focus our efforts specifically to customized LED Display and Signage system. We are dedicated to dealing in professional distribution channels for domestic and International clients, as well as end users. We feel honor to have numbers of satisfied clients at our list.

INDOOR LED DISPLAY Indoor LED displays is nowadays one of the most eye catching advertising cools with digitally multiple displays, long life span, high stability, user-friendly software operation, electricity saving, less maintenance and other cutting edge features as compared to traditional signage. It’s commonly referred to stage led screen, ceiling led screen, standing led screen, wall mounted led screen, hanging led screen, double sided led screen, circular led screen, curve led screen, stadium led screen, perimeter led screen, etc.

OUTDOOR LED DISPLAY Oasis City Outdoor LED Screens are offering highest quality LED components, stunning brightness, contrast and color reproduction. Our Outdoor LED Screens have an waterproof rating meaning they are built to withstand all weather conditions. Our Outdoor LED Screens are available in the following options:
The smaller the pixel pitches (distance between each pixel) the higher the resolution and closer the viewer can be stood to the screen.
Our outdoor LED screens have a much higher brightness level than our indoor counterparts in order to deliver bright and vibrant images even in direct sunlight.
Each of our LED screens are shipped in module format allowing you the flexibility to create screens of any size while options are available with front or rear service access depending on your installation type.


  • TV studio
  • Sports stadiums & arenas
  • Concerts & live events
  • Building facades
  • Retail stores & shopping centers
  • Airport, train & bus stations
  • Museums & visitor attractions